EER is a film documentarist and a paysan parfumeur. 
Managing and programing film art house in Paris for years, he directed his first long feature documentary shot in S16 film, between Paris and Bamako, Mali. He followed inverse path that a friend took for his immigration routes from its little village in West Africa. Néba was about identity, finding as a primary right of all human beings, a place to live. His documentary was praised by film critics and seen on national French, Belgium and Swiss TV channels. 

He produced later documentaries and shorts, in Paris and New York, and was a laureate of the French Sundance Institute, Emergence, created by Gérard Depardieu. As a producer, he is a recipiandary of New York State Council on the Arts grant. He has been a teaching a workshop atelier in Eyebeam NYC, a museum that focuses in interconnection of art and digital technologies.

Fifteen years ago, he changed his life with a radical move, from New York City to a piece of lost land in the mountainside of the Mediterranean southeast coast, where he became an olive farmer. As a neo-paysan, he experiments with permaculture and biodynamic philosophies. He has won medals for the excellence of his olive oil and is a founding member of the Demeter international olive tree growers. Looking to reconnect with nature, he ending up looking for its own.

Confronted to sexual violence in his personal surrounding, he has raised consciousness that before reconnecting nature we should reconnect our sexuality with a positive bienveillance. ERR propose with la Maison Close, to see our Eros God within the ultimate algorithm and tool we have created. Help with the mineral memories scripted into silicon, Artificial Intelligence can be, surprisingly, among other crazy thing that this machine can do, the ultimate tool to observe our vanishing human specie. 


ERR following his last DNA scanning is 99.99 % European, mainly French with German, Italian, and Portuguese roots. He has lived in Paris, New York, and Kiev. 
He studied linguistic and structuralism at La Sorbonne Nouvelle and film production at La Fémis, the french film school. He has capacities in phytotherapies, from the French Institute of Herboristerie and in perfumes studying at Grasse Institute of Perfumery. In the last ten years he followed the teaching of the Patricks, Burensteinas and Rivère,two renowned French alchemists.  
He is currently living in La Vallée de la Roya in a tiny country cabin loft surrounded by an orchard of centenary old olive trees and perfumes plants. Southeastern France, where the alps goes into the Mediterranean sea, is famous for its outstanding natural landscape beauty but more recently about climate disasters and migrations routes passage from Africa and Middle East to Europe.
He is one part of Paysan Parfumeur farming the plant from seed to harvest and distalated them to create genuine perfume that reconnects human with vegetal. He is the inspirator of  la Natura Machine a recycled vending machine that will give away floral water to travelers to reconnect to Nature. 
Following the teaching of Philippe Djian writing NRF master class, he just wrote, a critical autobiography essay, about his reconnection to the wilderness and it's experiences on his radical change of life.  A l'eau sauvage is actually in a publishing process.
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