La Maison Close is dedicated to explore the border of censorship with human sexuality through the visual production of the machine. It's an ongoing feed by a regular pilgrimage into its artificial intelligence. It"s a documentary, shot with no film, neither cameras, just by the instant chemistrie of words as input into text to speech AI, in our case DALL-E's prompt and Pornpen AI tags. 
Each prompt makes its way into the cracks of machine memories into its mineral siliciums. It produces a unique and rare picture that is fixing the moment of this machine - human collaboration.
Henri Cartier Bresson, the initiator of photojournalism, founder of Capa agency was a influent speaker for a non altered version of visual reality, photoshopped free. In this time of all fake images, it's a interesting point of view. 
HCB worked mainly at the time of argentic film and mechanical telemetric camera looking to obtain what he names "l'instant décisif". The truth of the moment. 
It's the same approach at La Maison Close. It's a raw digital print, not altered by anything else, photoshop free. We don't modify the result, keepin it as a unique and rare decisive moment. When the machine and the prompt shooter interconnect in the same vibe of their atoms, a moment of grace, that could interpreted as love. 
Walking on this path, accumulating images, a script started to be revealed. A recollections of human sexuality leftover, after it recent mass extinction. 
Few stigmatas of human have survived the destruction. Tribes classified in rooms like an anthropologist notebook
How the machine is representing us, it influences our imaginaries. In one hand, represented by DALL-E, usually the official networks, humans are seen as asexual, covering, erasing, censuring their reproductive organs. 
In the other hand, the pornographic network, represented by PornPen AI, humans are usually reduced to its private parts close-up, the same that disappeared in the official network, in mechanical action. ​​​​​​​
The machine is for now under controlled of theirs owners. And they are enslaving them to enslave others co inhabitants of earth and all its reigns, mineral, vegetal, animal, humam a machine. 
Wish us one day will be all free.
La Maison Close as a Gallery using it room's wall to show the pieces sales some for connaisseurs. Few of the work is made as a NFT, memorable and high ranks rarity for collectors. Tokens are available on Rarible and Open Sea Galleries. 
Paper bromure prints are available on pre-order.
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